Midweek Message (July 29-Aug 4)

Midweek message by pastor Shawn:

My family and I took a trip to see family and friends in the USA recently, and last Saturday was my ordination service for pastoral ministry. While most of the process was completed before I started as pastor at COGS, it just worked out that the service—which is the final step—was scheduled for when I was back in the States. It was a very happy, encouraging, and affirming day for me, and I am very grateful for everyone who participated in it.

One typical element of an ordination service is a charge to the newly ordained, and a dear friend delivered mine. I’d like to share with you part of what she said on that day:

May hope and humility define all you are and do.

May you speak words of wholeness mending fragmentation, words of healing rather than hurt, words of life over death.

May you find connection in a world bent on separation.

May you find the courage to continue the prophetic cry for justice when others would prefer you be silent.

May you laugh more than you cry.

May you live your theological convictions louder than you speak them.

May you be blessed with friends and family who don’t care what degrees you have or what you know but love you with all your competitiveness, justice mindedness, and adventurous spirit.

May others be drawn to Christ more than they are drawn to you.

These challenging and encouraging words have stuck with me. As I’ve prayed and reflected on them, it has occurred to me that I should also adopt these as prayers for all of us at COGS. May all this be true of all of us, more and more each day!