MidWeek Message (September 19 - September 25)

Reflection by Spencer Musick
All of us likely have “busy times” in our lives. Maybe it is a month when academic or work deadlines pile up, or perhaps our professional work all culminates in a single event or group of events every year for which we have to prepare and execute flawlessly. Whatever the source of it is, the stress of these hectic periods can create a perfect storm of sorts, causing us to turn inward, to doubt our own abilities or those of others. When we turn inward at these times, we often focus so much on the volatility and unpredictability of our daily lives that we lose sight of the perfect, constant, and abiding love of God for us that is revealed in Jesus Christ.

We should all take a moment to remind ourselves that God’s providence is unconditional. God does not lose sight of us, even though we, all too often, lose sight of Him and are prone to forget the promises that we made (or were made on our behalf) at the moment of our Baptisms. Think of it this way. The most head-spinning, unpredictable, panic-inducing change that any of us can imagine is absolutely nothing next to God’s eternal changelessness. The stresses, worries, and the pains of this transitory life are temporal. They will pass. God’s promise of abiding love to His people is eternal.

I am a big fan of the Anglican service known as Compline. It is a series of prayers and readings set to be read after sundown that emphasize God’s peace and constancy amid the myriad changes of our daily lives. I commend it to anyone who needs a moment each day to be still and rest in God’s perfect changelessness. This final prayer is a mashup of two of the concluding prayers set for the service in the 1979 Episcopal Church Book of Common Prayer:

Be our Light in the Darkness, O Lord, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life by rest in your eternal changelessness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.