Congregation of the Good Shepherd Beijing
We welcome you and invite you to get involved in our community

Upcoming Services
November 18: Preacher and Presider: Rev. Ruth Lemmen
November 25 (Christ the King): Sermon: Peter Williams, Presider: Drew Dockery
December 2 (Advent 1): Sermon: Ruth Poulson, Presider: Peter Williams

New pastor to begin in January
Dr. Shawn Bawulski will begin his ministry here on January 1, 2019. We look forward to the arrival of Shawn and Sara and their two daughters, Charlotte and Kate, to Beijing. A personal note from Shawn is included below:

 Greetings!  We are very excited about moving to Beijing to serve at COGS.  We’ll be coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s a bit about us.
I (Shawn) grew up in Northern Illinois and Sara grew up in a suburb of Chicago (Go Cubs!).  We met at church during college and married in 2001.  We both graduated from the Moody Bible Institute, me with a degree in Bible and Theology and Sara with a degree in Biblical Hebrew.  I completed my Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  In 2008 we moved to Scotland where I did my PhD studies at the University of St Andrews.  Both our daughters, Kate (age 8) and Charlotte (age 7), were born in Scotland.  After Scotland we moved to Lithuania where I was an assistant professor of theology at an international Christian university and was also a pastor at an international church.  In 2014 we moved to Phoenix where I served as an associate professor of theology.
Both Sara and I have been serving in various church ministries for over 20 years—including youth ministry, preaching and teaching, worship ministry, counseling, and justice ministries.  I see myself as a pastor-scholar, bringing together the worlds of theology and pastoral ministry.  I am excited to be soon serving and shepherding as the pastor at COGS!  In hindsight we can see that the Lord has long been preparing us for this next step in life and ministry.
Our family loves to travel, play geeky board games, read (including a lot of Harry Potter!), and host people in our home.  We’re very much looking forward to joining you soon!

Shunyi small group/book club: Rachel Held Evans’ <Inspired>
A faith-themed book club/small group is meeting every other Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Ruth and Ben Poulsen’s home in Capital Paradise, Shunyi. The group is reading and discussing Rachel Held Evans’ book Inspired. The group will next meet on November 14. Contact Ruth at

Teachers needed!
Children are a vital part of our congregation. One of our primary ministries for children is Sunday School, which is held during worship services. We need more teachers for this vital ministry. We are looking for:

·       Teachers willing to lead lessons for the older children,
·       Teachers willing to lead lessons for younger children
·       Teachers willing to assist the lessons for younger children. 

We work from a curriculum, so you will not be expected to plan lessons from scratch.
Contact Annabelle Cleeve at